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Celebrity Actors Studio is the best acting school in Atlanta.  Enrich and elevate your acting skills at the Celebrity Actors Studio. The most innovative actors course in the country!


Over 30 CAS clients have booked national movies and tv shows including  Africa Miranda, Jevon "Vawn" Sims, Rashan Ali, Candice Afia, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sheree Whitfield, George Duane Boyd, Ne Ne Leaks, Jerrod Paige, Tamyra Gray, Dexter Tillis, Kiesha Tillis,

Amanda Jelks, Keisha and Kellie Ramdhanie, Kandi Burruss and Camillie Irons.










Acting Classes In Atlanta
Tameka "Tiny" Harris
TV Series " Tiny Tonight".
TV Series "Tiny & T.I. The Family Hustle.".
Acting Classes In Atlanta
Jevon "Vawn" Sims
Film - Stomp The Yard 2
Film - Tara: co-star w/Isaiah Washington.
TV Series "Bethenny".
BravoTV "The New Atlanta".

Great Classes Gaylord!

Tameka 'Tiny'  Harris


You are a truly great acting coach,  thanks for the esoteric knowledge and great classes.

Vawn Sims

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Africa Miranda
TV  Series"'The Game".
BravoTV "The New Atlanta".

Gaylord.... always great growth in your classes. Love the characterization class!

Thank You

Africa Miranda

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Ne Ne Leaks
TV Series "Glee".
The Real House Wives of Atlanta.
The Apprentice. 

Thank you Gaylord for your  great coaching.

Ne Ne Leaks

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Candice Afia
TV Series "General Hospital".
TV Series "Greys Anatomy".

As a student of the Celebrity Actor's Studio taught by director / actor Gaylord Parsons, I can truly say that I have had the opportunity to study with the best. Noted for his commitment to excellence as well as his passion and utmost respect for the craft of acting and directing,  Gaylord has helped me to further enhance my skills in script analysis, scene study, and emotional dynamics. He has also helped me to gain a newfound passion for my craft and always encourages students in the Celebrity 

Actor's Studio as we study the craft of acting to also continuously study ourselves!It's been a joy working with him. He ALWAYS keeps me on my toes!- Candice Afia


Acting Classes In Atlanta
George Duane Boyd
TV Series "Army Wives".
Film - The Gospel.
Film - Stomp The Yard 2.

To future CAS members, Gaylord Parsons has been a very valuable asset to my professional growth as a thespian. Gaylord possesses the tools that are needed for actors to unlock the energy that every human being has within their life force. Being able to instill that ability in your students is truly phenomenal. I know that I am a part of something that will stand the test of time in this craft. Gaylord pushes you to become more than you ever dreamed you could become.- George Duane Boyd

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Keisha and Kellie
Keisha -Film-Something Like A Business.
Kellie-Film-God Bless America.

It's amazing how much information you can share with us in just the one hour sessions. It's very rare that a student comes across a teacher that is phenomenal in two different fields of entertainment, music and acting. We're so excited to get the training from you to be phenomenal performers in both of these fields of entertainment as well. We appreciate you're patience and encouragement! Can't wait until our next class!!  

Keisha and Kellie Ramdhanie

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Tamyra Gray
Film - The Gospel.
TV Series "Half & Half.
TV Series "Boston Public.

Thank you for opening your heart to me the way you have. I really appreciate the time you have given me, taking time out of your busy schedule to help me. Thanks for believing in me and thanks for being there. I appreciate it more than you know.
Tamyra Gray

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Dexter Tillis
TV Series "Army Wives.
TV Series "Treme.

Gaylord:  Well G. first of all I would like to thank you for believing in me personally and pushing me to be the greatest; even though we’re not done yet. Celebrity Actors Studio has been a tremendous blessing to my career. You taught me to set the bar and set it high. All of the techniques about the craft and how to use them are beyond measure. I will cherish your teaching for the rest of my life. Not only a wonderful teacher you are, you’re a great inspiration and that my friend is the heart of God. Now I’m ready to run with the best of the best. I feel like a navy seal ready for combat. I WILL BRING IT HOME because before I go in I know I’ve already won. I’m so grateful that God granted me with such a talented coach     DEXTER   TILLIS

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Kiesha Tillis
TV Series "It's Supernatual.
TV Series "The Walking Dead.

Thank God for Gaylord. When I met him it seemed as if I had met a "soul mate" acting coach. It was not just the hours of coaching, but the countless notes of inspiration that he gave. I was able to discover broad methods of diverse characterization. I was very privileged to have found someone as gifted as Gaylord to enhance my acting craft, by blending traditional techniques with innovative ideas. Also having the privilege to work with him on the film set, I found another treasure in him, directing. I've seen Gaylord inspire myself and other actors to discover a pathos and sensitivity that would otherwise remain hidden. You are a sensational director Gaylord. Please continue and keep up the fantastic work.

-Keisha Tillis

Acting Classes In Atlanta
Camillie Irons/
Film Producer:
Film -  Holla II
Film - Lap Dance
Acting Classes In Atlanta
Rashan Ali
TV Series "Being Mary Jane"
Film - Three Can Play That Game.
Film - The Gospel.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Gaylord Parsons. Mr. Parsons has been an integral part of the Rockstone Foundation's Urban-American Filmmakers Workshop.He has served in the capacity of an acting instructor for our touring workshop series. His intelligence, talent, enthusiasm, and his ability to connect with the actors have led us to ask him back repeatedly. His classes always receive rave reviews from our attendees.We are very fortunate to have connected with Mr. Parsons as he brings a wealth of knowledge of the craft and delivers it in a positive way that has a profound impact on those he teaches.


Camille Irons, President & Executive Director,

Urban American Filmmakers Workshop

Gaylord, your'e an awesome acting coach!

Rashan Ali.

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