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Regina Hirschell

Gaylord Parsons is absolutely the best acting coach, I have studied with. Over the years I've studied with multiple acting coaches at different schools and none of them can come close to what Gaylord teaches or has taught me here at Celebrity Actors Studio. I've learned more from Gaylord in a month of studying with him, then I had learned in a year at another acting school. I have grown tremendously as a actor, Gaylord wants all his students to succeed and I can tell by his dedication and willingness to teach us his amazing techniques. When I first came to CAS I was a bit shy to perform in front of strangers, I can say now I'm ready to perform in front of the world, my courage comes from my passion to act, my faith, and what I know now about acting, thanks to Gaylord!!!!! I'm so grateful to have him as not only my Acting Coach but as my Mentor, just like G says "the world will know my name" I see it and I feel it, I plan to make Gaylord proud and to let him know his coaching wasn't in vain..

Christina Dixon

Mr. Parson's class is unlike any other! His classes are small and he really takes the time with each individual student so they grow leaps and bounds within weeks! His techniques not only help you grow as an actor but he gives you the tools to ace an audition! You can tell he wants the best for his students and not looking to line his pockets. Not only is he an acting coach but also a director so he knows all the secrets of the business. Don't hesitate to book a class you wont regret it!!

Jennifer Gaines

I wish I could give Gaylord Parsons 100 stars. This was a super amazing experience. I'm hungry for more. Mr Parsons is so informative and full of knowledge. I was taking it all in, writing notes making sure I didn't miss anything. His criticism was direct and super helpful. I know that under his training...I can take my acting career to the next level. I can't wait to go back for more. The whole class was great. A small group of actors learning the craft, practicing and learning from the best in the business!! Thank you Gaylord Parsons for sharing your gift and talent with so many of us past, present and future. God Bless!

Anthony Truss

As a marketing representative for Sony Music and all its officiated labels, I have had the honor of knowing and interacting with Mr. Parsons for more than a decade. During that time, I have witnessed the growth and transformation of his clients. Mr. Parsons is a dedicated, inspirational, informative, and influential figure in the acting arena.He has the knowledge, patience, and resources vital to the development of his students. His outlook on acting as an art form is incredible and extremely detailed. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who is serious about breaking into the entertainment industry.

Ashantee Alleyne

I Believe, To Be A Great Teacher Is To Know That All You Are Is A Person That Helps Guide & Nurture Young Grasshoppers To Their Already Given Knowledge & Talents. To Be A Teacher Is To Be Able To Relate To whoever Calls Upon You For Guidance When They Have Lost Their Way. At Celebrity Acting Studio, Directed By Sir Gaylord Parsons You Get The Caring Lessons You Need To Attack The Audition Scene. Techniques Are Taught To You For You To Take And Ponder Harder To Come Back Even Stronger. If All You Need Is One Class To See, You'll See That Tangibility Is What Gaylord Parsons Breeds.

Markiesha Scott

Mr. Parson's is such a wonderful, welcoming, cool as hell acting coach who's worth his weight in gold. I feel more comfortable in myself than I did when I first walked through the door. He absolutely enables my classmates and to develop our skills. I am definitely excited to brush up on different acting styles, methods, communicating and techniques. Absolutely LOVE this class. I've learned what not to do in an audition, body changes, characterization along with other wonderful things!!  

Kendall Austin

Every single class is full of fruitful information administered By Mr. Parsons! When one class ends I am already eager for what’s to come and engage in for the next session. He is an extremely charismatic acting coach with great wisdom. He challenges you to break out of your shell and do difficult things that allow you to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at you in this industry. While serious and informative, Mr. Parsons always provides an exhilarating and fun session that has you ready for the next. Gaylord Parsons loves what he does and wants nothing but success for his students! Could not be happier to have him as my coach!

Kristen Britten

I love this class!!! Mr. Parsons gave me the opportunity to be on my first set! and i was THRILLED! His teaching is style is so unique & He's so patient! Every class is filled with TONS of information! I look forward to class every monday, because i know hes going to be teaching something new and exciting. Im so glad i decided to give this class a chance, its definitely life changing!

Nashon Williams
To all the actors looking for great and personal teaching, Celebrity Actors Studios; which is instructed by Gaylord Parsons has been excellent. Mr. Parsons welcomed me and threw out a lot of material that I took notes on which helped me understand the craft of acting. I had the opportunity to act in front of the whole class, which was quite an experience. Mr. Parsons took me out of my shell, while also giving me constructive criticism; allowing me to adapt and learn from my mistakes without feeling embarrassed. I am eager for each class, which is getting me closer to pursuing acting as a career. My goal is to be the best of the best.  I WILL NOT LOSE! 


Thank you Mr. Parsons for accepting me as one of your students and I'm looking fwd to learning new material each class.

God Bless

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At the Showcase for Agents.:

George Duane Boyd,  Keisha Jones and Dexter Tillis present Certificate of Appreciation to their acting coach, Gaylord Parsons.

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