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Designed for courageous independent directors who want instantly useful - esoteric knowledge  and  connections to direct a quality movie of great emotional reach.

Course Objective:    
To enrich your knowledge, build your skill and inspire you to discover your personal - unique vision as a director.

Results:  You direct a  film short worthy of national festival recognition.

You will never learn how to swim standing on dry land   - jump into the water.   Get on set - make a movie!

The CAS Directos course is exciting - fast paced and hands on. Instead of holding down a chair in class  - you will be on set directing actors - applying  what you've learned - creating an unforgettable motion picture for film festivals.

The CAS Directors Course provides all support and production systems, including - screenwriters -  crew   - professional  actors - cinematographer  - light and sound technicians - editors etc.  Every component you need to be strongly supported.

*CAS Directors course for beginners.  3  month 30 hour Course [ Saturdays from 12 noon till 2:30pm ]
Hands on course that  covers the top 100 elements of directing. You will shoot a scene in three out of every four classes.  After your third month of study you will write a dissertation  - and direct a five minute festival worthy movie short. All support systems provided for you.

*CAS  Esoteric  Directors Course -  for experienced directors.  2 month  20  hour Esoteric Course [Saturdays 3pm til 5:30pm ]
Covers the 100  elements of directing - plus an additional 50 Esoteric craft - artistic and production elements. Dissertation with the completion of a five - ten minute festival worthy movie short. All support systems provided for you.

The Esoteric Directors Course also includes the Producer / Directors  TREASURE CHEST  -  seminar  with special guest speakers covering how to acquire budget - celebrity attachment and product placement for feature length movies. 


* Director's Speed Trek

A two hour class centered around your specific - immediate needs. Scheduled according to availabiliy.
* INSTRUCTOR: The CAS Directors Course is founded by Gaylord Parsons  - two time SAG Signatory Producer / Director and creator of the Truth Seekers global movie franchise.  Gaylord is currently in pre-production for his third feature length SAG movie.

Part One Of Subjects Covered

* protecting  and nurturing your inspiration
* conquering any obstacle
* guerilla courage -how to get the movie done - no matter what.
* defining and elevating the theme
* dramatic function
* cameras  and lenses [ technical function / artistic use ]
* screenwriting

* how to escape the deus ex machina trap
* characterization
* ethos and demographic considerations
* preparing for production [seeing around the corner ]
* script analysis and preparation
* budget
* casting / auditioning  / choosing the talent
* story boarding and shot plots
* working with actors
* post production and editing

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